Friday 24th July 2020

Welcome to Vera Cheffers our new relief teacher who will be working in Room 3 every Friday and the other classes as needed.

PTA Fun Afternoon
Kia Ora Whānau
Come and join us on Friday 31st July for fun filled afternoon from 1.15pm onwards.
Come and support your children, enjoy the afternoon of games and laughs.
All are welcome and would love to see as many of you down there as possible.

Thanks from the PTA

Teacher Only Day – 19th August
This term on Wednesday 19th August the whole staff will be attending a workshop in Whakatane. “ Understanding Behaviours and Responding Safely Training Workshop”
This means that the school will be closed for the day. We appreciate your support

We are still collecting
bread tags,
yummy fruit stickers
oral hygiene products like old toothpaste tubes, old toothbrushes, tooth hygiene packaging.
We also collect any old pens, felts, vivids.

The children get house points for any of these items that are brought to school.

Fuel For Schools
About The Programme
Does your farm get fuel? Have you looked at signing up with the NorthFuel Fuel for Schools Programme.
This sponsorship programme has helped put over $1 million dollars of resources into more than 350 rural schools in the last eleven years.
Its very simple. Fuel Customers can nominate a participating school to receive 50 cents for every 100L of bulk fuel they have delivered.
So as we keep your wheels turning you are giving back to your local community too.
Once a participating school reaches their $1,000 target / goal they can redeem from the 40 plus technology and sports packages on offer.
It’s just that simple.
The more people involved and nominating a school the sooner they will be rewarded. We notify the schools every three months of their progress towards reaching their goals.Talk to your Account Manager for more information on the Fuel for Schools programme or join up online today.

Thank you to the farms that already support us.
We have had laptops and lots of sports gear thanks to this programme.

Dates to remember
BOT Meeting 27th July
Teacher Only Day 19th August

Community Notices

Nukuhou North Hall
Pumpkin Harvest Festival Dinner

31st July from 5.30pm, dinner at 6pm.
Takeaway meals will be available.

Please contact Wade or
Sue McGillivray for more
details on 021 160 6390